It gained its popularity a long time ago, nevertheless it is increasingly used in the design of futuristic interiors. Glass is used in the construction of windows, shower enclosures, doors or balcony railing elements. Recognizing the high aesthetic qualities of glass, our company supplies the highest quality products, such as, for example, insulated glass units and glass canopies, which show a high level of scratch and shatter resistance. Below you will discover the wealth of offerings we provide as a manufacturer that is a leader in the glass industry in the region.

We also manufacture mirrors

Often starting the morning, we head to the bathroom for our daily grooming and refreshment. An indispensable part of these rituals is the mirror, in which the ladies look through while making themselves into a deity, and the gentlemen assess the condition of their beards. It is an integral part not only of any bathroom, but also of a hallway or bedroom or dressing room. We invite you to take a look at the range of mirrors we supply. We make sure that they not only fulfill their function, but also that they look great in different rooms.

Discover the beauty of enamel glass

It is a decoration that is often used in kitchens, as well as in bathrooms. Modern styles of interior design assume the use of this excellent decorative article in other rooms as well. Thanks to the use of high technology during their production, it is possible to apply interesting patterns to the glass. In addition, thanks to the drying and tempering process, enamel glass gains greater resistance to shattering, as well as to high temperatures. In addition, it is very difficult to bend them.

Modern balcony buildings

Walking down the streets of cities, it is not uncommon to see modern apartment blocks or apartment buildings. They often feature balconies with glass enclosures! This unique material adds a futuristic touch not only to the interior of a particular apartment, but most importantly to the entire building. In particular, it combines well with beiges, whites or contrasts.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of products, where various types of glass products are available – balcony buildings, mirrors, canopies and many other items.