Declarations of performance

BOJAR CE marking applies only to insulating glass units.

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Note: we are looking by structure construction, e.g.: 4-16AR-4TM or 4TM-12AR-4-12AR-4TM.

Laminated glass is written without dots, e.g.: 331, 442, 444, etc.

  • TM – low emissivity coating 1.1
  • TM1 – low emissivity coating 1.0
  • ESG – tempered glass
  • SB – sandblasted glass (sandblasted glass)
  • SR or SI- laminated glass with acoustic film
  • SN or COOLLITE-sunglasses
  • SPY – AGC mirastar – venetian mirror
  • AB, AG, AZ – antisol/parsol colored glass (brown, gray, green)
  • RB, RG, RZ, RC – reflex/stopsol colored glass (brown, graphite, green, clear)

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