Safety glass

The safety glazing in our range, which is tempered or laminated glass, is that which provides protection from injury.
Laminated safety glass is made up of two layers of glass of different thicknesses glued together with a film. We distinguish between classes of glass, for example. O1, O2, P1 and P2.
Laminated glass comes in different thicknesses from 2 to 8 mm i.e. 22.1, 33.1, 44.1, 55.1, 66.1, where 1 means a film layer of 0.36 mm. Also available are 33.2 and 44.2 glasses where 2 means 2 layers of film. When laminated glass is broken, there is not always a need for immediate replacement, as it remains in the window frame despite the cracks. Safety glass has properties that further prevent it from being accidentally broken when windows or doors are violently closed.