Ornamental glass

gallery of ornamental glass, on one side of which a pattern is rolled

Ornamental glass attracts attention with its original patterns on the glass and provides an attractive finishing touch. It is characterized by high light transmission while blurring the image. It is used :

  • In fixed and sliding walls,
  • In shower stalls,
  • In windows installed in bathrooms and garages,
  • in furniture fronts
  • As an interior door infill.

Ornamental glass can be edge-treated and can be tempered (except for some patterns).

We offer glass sheets with a thickness of 4 mm from the glassworks:

  • Saint Gobain
  • AGC

The most common dimension of the glass sheet: width 1420 mm x height 2160 mm. One side of the sheet is smooth, while the other has a tanned surface.

Notes on the performance of ornamental glass.

Bojar - ornamental glass - customized glass

When ordering, we indicate the width and height – the standard assumption is that the ornament design goes along the height (vertically). If it is to be otherwise, it must be made clear in the order that the pattern is to go after the width dimension. Please consult with the sales department.

Here an example of ornamental glass – FLUTES sandblasted

width 1420 mm x height 2160 mm

In the production of insulated glass units, the ornament is fused with the texture inward. If the customer wishes otherwise, he must specify in the order that the texture of the ornament is to be glued on the outside.