Termoprofi Opitmal spacer

Termoprofi frames significantly reduce condensation on the edges of the glass, thus improving the aesthetics of the windows as well as their lifespan. Moisture buildup on window trim very often leads to the formation of mold and mildew in these areas, which destroys the paint surface and wood structure.

By using a warm frame, we reduce the phenomenon of thermal bridges in windows, thus improving the perceptible temperature near the window by several degrees. Replacing the traditional frame with a Termoprofi frame also reduces the risk of spontaneous glass breakage, which can occur when there is a large temperature difference on the glass surface.

Thermoprofi frame colors available

(Optimal – a better version than the standard):

grey frames in RAL 7035, 7040
light brown RAL 8003
dark brown RAL 8014
RAL 9005 black
white RAL 9016

10 mm – minimum frame width for RAL 7040 and 9005, other colors available on request.

Due to the characteristics of the frame material, arch-shaped glass and Vienna muntins cannot be made. For such constructions, we suggest the CHROMATECH warm frame.